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Do you want to give me advice on how to play Kyon better? Do you want to let me know what I'm doing right? Do you just want to plot? Well, this is the post to do that! First, my contact info:

Personal LJ - hurricane_chris
AIM - HurricaneChris04
E-mail - hurchris@ptd.net

If you're too shy to contact me directly, then use this post. This is a general HMD/plotting post. IP logging is off, anon is enabled, and comments are screened.

If you want to give me feedback on how I'm playing, all I ask is two things.

1) Be polite. The less polite you are, the more likely your feedback is to be ignored. I will happily listen to anyone who addresses grievances in a polite manner, however.

2) Tell me why I'm doing well/poorly. Comments like "You're doing a great job!" or "You need work," while they tell me a general opinion, don't tell me enough to raise my confidence or help me improve. If you think I'm doing it right, tell me why I'm doing it right. Conversely, if I'm doing it wrong, tell me how you think it should be done instead. Usage of examples is highly recommended. I'm a visual learner, so actually being able to see examples of what you're talking about helps me out tremendously, and furthermore, arms you with evidence in your favor.

So, with those points in mind, feel free to give me feedback!
[Kyon is sitting on the porch of 1761 Beaver Street, looking down at his lap where the purring cat lay while he strokes it. Yep, Shamisen was Kyon's latest regain.]

They even brought you here, too? Talk about a dick move...

[Kyon moves his hand to the back of Shamisen's head and scratches behind the ears. Shamisen tilts his head back and closes his eyes.]

But I guess you're content so long as you've got me around, eh?

Even if I wish he wasn't here, I can't say I don't want him around...
[Kyon comes around, then his eyes snap open when he realizes he's not in his bed. He looks around...he seems to be in a '55 Corvette. Nice car. Of course, that was the last thing on his mind. He looks next to him, and sees who's stuck in the car with him. Cue facepalm.]

In the words of a random gif... Notto diso shiito agen.


Hope she doesn't freak out too badly when she wakes up.
[Guess who finally has enough money to own a car?

That's right, this guy here. Right now Kyon is driving around town in a '39 Chevy just because he can. Of course, the paint on his isn't as glossy as the picture, it lacks air conditioning, there's a small oil leak, and there's a hole in the muffler, but still, it's a car.

Oh, and he's driving around with the windows down.

Man. I missed not being able to drive wherever I wanted whenever I wanted more than I thought. Maybe now the paper route will be bearable.
[The phone just so happens to be left off the hook while Kyon finds mail addressed to him...]

Mail for me?

...University? I don't remember applying to a university...

[The sound of tearing paper can be heard as Kyon opens the envelope.]

"Dear applicant,

"We thank you for your interest in university and for taking the admissions test. However, in light of recent complaints, the Party has determined that admissions tests are inherently biased in favor of intellectuals. Therefore, admission will be determined based on loyalty to the Party. Please re-submit your application complete with a list of references to Party activities in which you have participated.


[The sound of a palm hitting someone's forehead can be faintly heard.]

Father's Day again. They repeated Mother's Day -- are they gonna do the same for Father's Day?

If so...I've learned my lesson. I'm not shooting for a repeat of last year.

...And it's not like I've gotta pay anyone back for this year.

[[Filtered to Yuki and Ryoko]]

You two... You be careful. If anyone tells you to do anything...bad, you come looking for me.


[After he leaves that message for Yuki and Ryoko, Kyon heads out of the house for a walk around town. He's been doing this pretty much every day since school let out. Not only does the exercise wake his brain up after not getting enough sleep due to his job, but he also tries not to spend much time at home any more. He won't admit it, but he had grown fond of Jill and Relm (though of course, it was on a subconscious level in Relm's case) and it was hard to see Jill as a drone or to see someone else living in Relm's room.

So he can be found walking around just about anywhere in town. Feel free to approach him, do something he'll notice, whatever.
YES! Finally, exams are over! Now I can finally spend some time relaxing without some assignment or test hanging over my --

...Huh? Oh, hey, I have mail today.

...Paper route.

I have a paper route.

[[Private; thoughts]]

This is some sort of sick joke, right? Dammit, Mayfield, you know what you're doing to me? All summer long I'm gonna have to get up at 5:30 in the morning. And in able to actually wake up at 5:30 in the morning, I'm going to have to be asleep by 9:30 at night. Yeah, I know the saying, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise," but "Early to bed and early to rise makes for a teenager with no damn social life!"

I'd better be able to use the car, at least. No way in hell am I doing this job if I'm stuck using my bike!

...Or at least, that's what I'd say if I didn't know I'd be brainwashed for not doing my job. I wish this place didn't have such a fascination with my nether region. That's supposed to be for a beautiful woman only, dammit!

[[OoC: Italicized lines in comments are internal monologue unless otherwise stated.]]

May. 22nd, 2010

[Kyon can be seen walking from his house around midday, en route to the park, where he collapses on a bench, tilts his head back, and closes his eyes. Right now, his only objective is to get out of the house and have some peace and quiet.]


Exams... Despite all of the crap I have to deal with here, I still have to take exams. I suppose I should be thankful that they're less grueling than the exams back home, but that's a small comfort.

And why the hell are they pushing math and the sciences so hard? It's not like Sputnik's launched in Mayfield or anything! I swear, it's like they're trying to churn out mathematicians, scientists, and blue-collar workers, and they don't care about any other professions.

...Well, okay, it's the drone teachers that are like that. Even so, this is one hell of a far cry from what I'd always imagined the American educational system to be. So either I'm wrong, or Mayfield screwed up.

Of course, I'm hoping it's the latter.

May. 16th, 2010

...It's May 9th again.

[[Private; Difficult to hack (unless your name is Yuki Nagato or Ryoko Asakura]]

Oh God.

Oh God.

Mother's Day again.

I know what this means.

Dammit, I knew I should've invested in some ear plugs!

May. 1st, 2010

Geez, so Relm's gone now, too? Dammit...

[[Private; Hackable by friends]]

So now it's just me and Onyx here... I suspect I will be spending more time at the girls' houses from now on.

[[Filtered to Yuki and Ryoko]]

Nagato. Asakura. Are you going to Westport?
Geez, how long am I gonna be stuck like this?

[[Private; Hackable for any of Kyon's friends and family that isn't Onyx]]

...So Jill's gone now. Wherever she is now, it's gotta be better than here, but...it still sucks. Now there's one less person I can trust here.

[[OoC: Kyon's regain was his swimming trunks. However, because of the event, that is literally all he can wear, aside from a pair of sandals. Mayfield lets him wear a Hawaiian shirt at school, though, so he isn't kept from attending school because of a blatant dress code violation.]]

April Fools Event

Geez, won't these phones ever stop ringing?!
Huh. No event for St. Patrick's Day this year, huh?

[[Filtered to Kotomi]]

Can I...

Can I ask you something?
I...I think the entire town has gone nuts.

What the HELL is going on here?!
Valentine's Day, huh...

[[Private; Unhackable]]

Valentine's Day -- either the best day or the worst day of the year for your average male student. Popular guys get loads of chocolate -- unpopular guys don't get a scrap.

Who the hell was it who decided to commercialize Valentine's Day, anyway?! Did they have any idea how much pain it'd cause single guys?!

...Though I guess that's just Japanese tradition. American tradition is different, or so I hear. Hopefully it's a little kinder to single guys.
[[Filtered from drones]]

It's finally done... That's a relief. Also a relief that nothing major happened today. I'll admit, that girl...what was her na -- oh yeah, Lucy -- I'll admit that I was concerned about that last comment she made.

[[Private; Moderately hackable by housemates and friends; Difficult to hack for everyone else]]

I still can't believe I went and made that outburst during the event. I'm not sure I'd ever have done something like that before I showed up here.

I guess this place has affected me more than I thought. I suppose it's hard to remain neutral in a hellhole like this. If I was True Neutral before, I'm definitely Neutral Good now.


[Kyon is lying on his bed, fooling around with the model gun he got as his last regain. It's not loaded, but even if it were, it can only fire BBs.]
[Yeah, Kyon is hurting inside. Yeah, he just lost his closest friend and his "sister" in the same night. Yeah, he's holding back tears. But this is a guy who solved a murder mystery almost instantly. He knows what not to do, and people are at work doing what they shouldn't be doing.]


Don't you realize that you are doing EXACTLY what Mayfield wants you to do?! The point of this whole damn event is to make us turn on each other! Haven't you ever heard of the phrase "divide and conquer?" That's exactly what's going on here!

I don't care who you are or who disappeared, hunting down every damn name on the suspect list is NOT HOW YOU GO ABOUT THIS! Even if this place does return to normal after this, and these people come back, they're gonna have to live with the memory of dying! You know how easy the mind is to break?!

So knock it off, cool down, and THINK. Who are the real monsters here? Because if you ask me, the people out there hunting down and killing innocent people just because their names appeared on a list on the goddamn television are the monsters here.

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